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8 Minute Speed Dating

Do you think you could find out enough about someone in 8 minutes to want to go out on a date with them? That is what speed dating is all about.

With 8 minute speed dating, you will spend 8 minutes with possibly 8 different people. You sit and chat about whatever it is you want to chat about. Many may come with a list they wish to ask each potential date. Whatever your plans are it has to be fast. 8 minutes may seem like a bit of time but it can go by really fast.

People really enjoy this type of social meeting. In some meetings, as many as 90% have found people they want to have a second real date with and 60% of both partners want a second date.

Why would people choose this type of way to meet a potential date? One I would say is it’s a lot nicer than a bar. When you meet someone in a bar, most likely they have been drinking. Are you meeting the real person or only the happy drinking person?

Speed dating events are safe, they are fun and after you get into it, they are a comfortable way to meet a date. You will have a lot of other singles to pick from. At the bar scene, they may say they are single but aren’t. Who would go to all the trouble to attend a speed dating event if they weren’t single?

If nothing else, you will get a social night out. There is no guarantee you will find that perfect future date, but you should have fun and enjoy the festivities of the night. Some event holders will let you attend another event if you are unsuccessful at finding a potential date from their event.

Why not give it a try. It’s hard to find other singles and feel safe and secure while you are meeting them. You may just meet someone and fall in love.

You will need to do a search to find a place near you that is offering speed dating. Then they require you to register ahead of the event. You will want to find one that will have other people there in your age group or the age group you are looking for.

These people may be professionals, laborers, or other professions. If you see someone that you feel interested in, you let the event people know and they will check out the chances of the two of you getting together for a date. Both parties need to agree to see each other. This saves you from the embarrassment of telling someone you would like to go out with them to only find they have their eye on someone else.

If you are trying to find someone to date, and would like to try speed dating, you may find it to be very entertaining and enjoyable. Go for it. Have some fun.

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