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We always think of Friday or Saturday night as our big party night. A time to go out with friends, or a special someone in our life. Sometimes we can get a bit crazy. There are even times we regret things that may have happened. The next day, we may not answer the phone. In fact, we may screen calls for quite a while. Has that ever happened to you?

If you don’t have that special someone in your life yet, and would really love meeting them, why not try speed dating? With speed dating, you won’t wake up tomorrow regretting something other than maybe changing your mind about someone you decided to hook up with. The good thing about that is, it’s not too late to change your mind. They may call you, try to set up a meeting, but you do have the last chance to tell them you aren’t sure.

Are you sure you changed your mind? Or are you just scared? Many of us have a hard time stepping out of our little box that has formed around us keeping us warm and cozy. Stepping out means taking risks. Just going to the speed dating event has already been a risk. What change your mind? I bet it’s only a fear of the unknown. You aren’t as in control as you were before you met them.

The biggest problem at first with speed dating is taking the first step. Even though we want to date, we want to meet that special someone, that box has become too comfortable. Do you really want to go through life never taking chances? Always turning to your cat or dog for affection. They are always happy to give it back but we need more. We need someone to talk to that talks back. Someone to hold us when we are down. Pets can make us feel important and they can help us feel better as we pet them, but people need other people too.

I have a dog. I dearly love him. He just came in from outside all excited, playful and loving, but I need my spouse too. As much as I love my dog, I know he’s not here for life. He can’t help me make decisions about things I need to do. I need a human companion too.

Speed dating gives you a night out with a group of people. You get to talk to 10 to 15 people that could prove to be potential dates. Chat with them, ask them questions for approximately 8 minutes. After 8 minutes, they move on to the next person and you get a new person to chat with. I personally can tell if I have any interest in knowing a person better, I can realize it in 8 minutes. Especially if I have prepared questions to ask them. So we don’t just sit there staring at each other. You do have to be prepared.

You may not meet anyone of a dating interest. That’s why many places have these events every week. It does cost a fee. They are usually provided as fund raisers for different groups. The fee typically covers refreshments, event personnel, equipment and the building they possibly have to rent for the evening. Even without meeting someone, it can be an entertaining evening.

Instead of sitting home with your dog or cat this weekend, why not step out of your box and try out speed dating.

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