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Another Dateless Night

So you are home again, wondering who you can call to go out on the town with. Which one of your friends is sitting home with nothing to do too? It’s not that you aren’t an easy to like person, one who dress’ nice and has a nice appearance. Some may think you aren’t attractive but you are. So what is the problem. Why are you sitting here again on a Friday night, all alone.

With our life styles it is getting more and more difficult to take out time for meeting people. Before you can date someone, you have to at least meet them. If you don’t meet someone at your place of employment or possibly live near someone that is also single, it can be difficult to meet other singles. Our jobs are not 9 to 5 like most use to be. We work all hours of the day and night. When you are home others may be working. Or if you work until 9 at night, who feels like going out to be able to meet someone?

That is where speed dating events come in handy. Find one that fits your schedule or maybe take a day off work to attend one. That is where so many of the potential singles are. You won’t find married people there pretending to be single. Most people are looking for relationships. Not just one night stands. You get to interview each other to see if there is even a possibility that you may have enough in common that you want to date. You don’t just interview one person, you may interview 15 to 20 people depending on how the even is set up.

This is a great way of meeting other singles. If you go to a bar or a party, you may meet someone new, but can’t always know if they are really single or not. So many pretenders out there. You are also put on a spot. You spend the entire evening maybe with a person only to never hear from them again. Maybe they were just looking for someone to pass the time with but you felt there was a definite connection.

With speed dating, you don’t even let the other person know you are interested. You interview each person that sits across from you, they also ask you questions, then either you or they move on to the next open chair. After the event is over, you turn in your card marked with all the people who interested you. The others do the same. When two people are both interested in each other, the event sponsors let both of the individuals know. Then they give you the information you need to connect outside of the speed dating event.

It’s all done very quietly so there are no embarrassing moments. I know how hard it was to tell someone that I wasn’t interested in them back when I was in the dating scene. It was better to be straight out about it as to lead them on just to have a few fun dates together. I was nice about it, but with speed dating, you don’t have that problem. After a few dates if you don’t really connect, then I guess you will have to go through the act of letting them down nicely. Not all connections will end in a permanent relationship.

It’s a great way to spend an evening. Lots better than sitting at home or going to the bar trying to see if anyone interesting is there or not.

So take a chance. If you are staying alone at home too much, why not try speed dating?

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