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Another Weekend Without A Date

Did you sit at home alone another weekend? No date or single friends to go out and enjoy the weekend with?

That can be such a boring time. I know. I have in the past spent many nights home alone with my best friend, Roscoe. Roscoe is my West Highland Terrier. He is fun and I enjoy being with him, but I need human contact too.

My life isn’t like that anymore. I have a special someone in my life along with my precious Roscoe. My special person adores Roscoe too. We love taking him to the park.

If you haven’t met a special someone yet, maybe you should try giving speed dating a chance. I know so many people make fun of it, but if you ask them if they ever tried it, most likely they would say,”no.”

Now find someone who has tried speed dating and I am sure you will get a much better response. There have actually been quite a few people marry someone that they met at a speed dating event.

Speed dating can be a lot of fun and much better than sitting at home wishing you had a date.

With speed dating, you do need to know ahead of time that you want to attend and register for the event. If on Friday, you suddenly find yourself alone, it can be rather difficult to just drop in at an event and find an opening you can fill. It could be worth a try but just don’t count on it.

So you call the place sponsoring the event and pre-register. When you register, you should be asked some questions as to what type of a relationship are you looking for. What age group are you and what ages would you prefer to date. There could be other questions too. They need to know what group of people to put you with for your best chance at meeting someone.

You will also be told if you need to have a set of questions to ask or if you will be the person answering the questions. Even if only answering questions, it’s best to take a small list of things that are important to you.

So you are pre-registered, you know where to go and what time to be there and if you are the interviewer or being interviewed.

Now you have already taken the biggest step other than stepping out of your home and going to the site.

Now just busy yourself with what you are going to wear, how you want to present yourself to potential dates. It’s best to be yourself, but if you were wanting to change the way you dress a little or something else about you, what better time to test it than with a group of strangers.

Whatever you decide to do. Just don’t sit at home alone every weekend. Weekends are for fun and are the most fun when with a special someone.

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