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Are You Ready For Some Fun?

It’s Friday, the weekend is here again. It would be nice not to spend it working around the house doing the laundry, gardening and cleaning for once. Aren’t weekends suppose to be fun?

No matter what your age. If you are single, there’s a life out there for you. It doesn’t matter if you have been married and are now divorced or a widow. Even if you have a house full of children, you can still get out and have fun. That’s what babysitters and grandparents are for.

Have you heard of speed dating? It’s a safe environment where you can possibly meet someone to help you have that fun you so much want. To have fun doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be dating someone but it sure does help. I love walking along with someone I care about at my side. Someone that is more than just a friend.

Speed dating is for all ages. You don’t have to sit home just because you are older, Just as when we were young, there are people out there our age looking for dates. Problem is, we forgot how to find them.

Speed dating offers singles a way to meet other singles. Not like on the computer where you register, send in a picture of yourself and some information about you. Speed dating you actually get to meet the potential dates face to face. You get to ask them questions about things that are important to you and see their reaction. That is something you definitely do not get from a computer match up dating site. On those sites, you see the picture and have to decide if you like what you see in their appearance. They can write anything they want, it doesn’t have to be true. You don’t see their reaction when you are chatting about things like you do at a speed dating event.

It’s called speed dating because, you only get to spend an allotted time with each potential date. Usually it’s about 8 minutes. I know, 8 minutes isn’t a very long time to decide if you want to date a person or not. You do have to remember, you are going in prepared. It’s not like you are at the bar and some guy comes up. He talks to you for about 8 minutes. Those 8 minutes are usually spent getting over the initial meeting, trying to figure the other person out,are they single or covering up the fact they are married.

Your 8 minutes of speed dating are not like a chance meeting. You know ahead of time you are meeting other people and go in prepared. Have your questions set out in front of you. Ask them anything you want. As they reply, you can tell if it’s a sincere reply or if they are only trying to say what they think you want them to say.

Best of all, at a speed dating event, all participants are single. No participants trying to pass themselves off as a single but are really married.

Why not give it a try. Don’t spend another weekend wishing for something better. Do something about it. Maybe this weekend, give speed dating a chance.

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