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Are You Ready for Your First Experience At Speed Dating?

So, you have taken the plunge and researched the directories in your area to find a speed dating event. You called them, registered, got assigned a day that an event for your age group and desires is scheduled, and you are going.

Are you really ready? Now it’s, ‘what should I wear?’ ‘Is my hair OK?’ ‘Will anyone really want to go out with me?’

Those are a lot of times the questions that many have the first time they attend a speed dating event. It’s from a lack of knowledge and having never attended one before.

As far as dressing goes, wear what you are most comfortable wearing. Well, don’t wear your pajamas. That may be unacceptable attire. Some types of PJ’s are cute, but not really for the dating scene. Wearing jeans, sweatshirts, nice blouse, or shirt, dress pants, dress’s, suits, anything goes. Just be yourself. You want to meet a person that really likes you and you like them for who they are. You don’t want to meet someone that is pretending they are who they aren’t. If a guy shows up in a suit, and appears to be very professional to you, something you like, you wouldn’t want them to show up on your first date in jeans with holes in them. So dress the way you prefer people to relate to you.

Now for your hair. If you like to wear it up in a ponytail, wear it that way. If you like it spiked up, go for it. Don’t change yourself.

As far as will anyone really want to go out with you? That is just a lack of self esteem. There is someone out there for everyone. You just have to be realistic and keep an open mind.

Basically, when you are attending the speed dating event, you need to present yourself as a confident, groomed, friendly person. You don’t want to go ragged out and hair unkempt, well, unless that is the type of person you are looking for.

Another thing to be prepared with is a list of questions you may like to ask the possible dates. Things that mean a lot to you in a relationship. Sometimes religion is a big factor. I know when I was younger and met a man of a different religion, even though we really liked each other, we both agreed to remain only good friends. It’s hard to mix religions sometimes, especially if you have children. It would be rather confusing to them for one parent to teach them one way and the other parent to feel different about it. Also ask about what types of activities your potential date may enjoy. The different foods they like to eat. Whatever could make a difference in your relationship.

Most of all, just enjoy the speed dating event. You are going to meet a lot of people, have a great time, and maybe go home with a phone number of someone you like. No guarantees on the date, but you should have fun.

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