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Meeting Someone Through Speed Dating

Is it really possible to meet someone you want to go out with at a speed dating event? It is possible that you won’t meet someone at every event you attend, but sooner or later there should be someone of interest to you. Don’t stop after only one event thinking this isn’t working. It does … Continue reading

My First Speed Date. What Type of Questions Should I Ask

That is a great question. Speed dating isn’t a time to flirt with a prospective date, it’s a time to check each other out. A time to find out the real person not the flirty one. Speed dating leaves no time for flirting. Remember, you only have a few minutes before the next person moves … Continue reading

For Singles Only

  Have you ever gone to the bar and thought that cute looking guy that kept looking your way was single? Then after you have went out on a few dates with him, maybe felt you were falling in love with him, then you find out he has another love in his life? Wedding rings … Continue reading

A Great Singles Event

Are you looking for a new way to date? A way to meet other singles in a relaxed atmosphere? All applicants are screened ahead of the event. Only singles who are seriously looking for a quality date typically attend such an event. The singles backgrounds are checked out to be sure they are quality possible … Continue reading

What Are People Saying About Speed Dating?

The success stories are growing. You can look up testimonials of people who are telling others how they felt about their speed dating experience. Did they feel awkward or like it was something they wouldn’t want to ever do again? Not from the sounds of it. It seems like many are returning to find another … Continue reading