Monthly Archives: August 2012

There’s No Age Limit for Speed Dating

You’re never over the hill when it comes to speed dating. There are singles out there looking for potential dates at all ages. Usually referred to as mature singles or singles over 50. With the divorce rate being so high, there are people of all ages ending up in the dating scene every day. Right … Continue reading

Try the Latest Fad – Speed Dating

Are you looking forward to a busy weekend full of fun with your boyfriend or girlfriend? Or are you sitting alone calling up friends trying to find something to do. The phones answering machines seem to be the only thing answering your calls, or they pick up with their cell phones only to tell you … Continue reading

Being Honest With the Questions

I went to a speed dating event last night. I had my questions ready, it was girls night to do the asking. I know I ask or make comments that possibly turn many of the guys off. One question I ask them is if they believe a mother should work and let someone else care … Continue reading

I Could Have Been Speed Dating

  Instead of sitting home on a Friday or Saturday night, feeling sorry for myself as I watched movies about young couples in love, I could have been speed dating. I hadn’t known about it prior to watching a commercial on the television during a late night rerun of a movie I had seen a … Continue reading