Monthly Archives: September 2012

Another Dateless Night

So you are home again, wondering who you can call to go out on the town with. Which one of your friends is sitting home with nothing to do too? It’s not that you aren’t an easy to like person, one who dress’ nice and has a nice appearance. Some may think you aren’t attractive … Continue reading

Speed Dating Can Help You Find that Perfect Date

It’s hard to find singles in your own area sometimes that you find interesting enough to date. Sometimes it’s because you already know them so well that you don’t think of them as a date but as a friend. Looking around the area you live for a potential dating partner can really be difficult. That’s … Continue reading

Have You Found Your Soul Mate

There are some interesting theories about our soul mates and how they came to be. Our soul mates are said to be a part of us. The person that makes us whole. It is thought to be already planned out before our birth who will be our soul mate. Then it’s up to us to … Continue reading