Monthly Archives: October 2012

Dating Online in a Speed Dating Event

Yes it’s true. You can actually meet local people online on a speed dating site. It’s a new and easy way to meet people. You can use a webcam and do a video chat so you can actually chat with a potential person you may find an interest in and want to date. Just introduce … Continue reading

I Should Have Went Speed Dating

On Friday, my friend called me up to let me know a party was happening at Jack’s house. Jack always has the best parties. Lots of people come to these parties and most of them are without dates. You always know you can find a date there. I told my friend, Chuck, that I would … Continue reading

Speed Dating, The Next Best Way to Get A Date

Speed dating. Sounds like something out of the future. Maybe in the future we don’t go out to meet a person of interest, we just input the things we desire in a machine and out comes our perfect date. A little too far fetched I hope. If the date goes wrong, and they aren’t perfect, … Continue reading