Monthly Archives: November 2012

How I Met Charlie

I’d been dating Tom for a couple of years. I thought I had met the one. We moved in together, had our little West Highland Terrier dog that we both loved, and it felt like a family. I didn’t know that Tom wasn’t happy. When I think back, I really wasn’t happy either. So eventually, … Continue reading

My Date Stood Me Up

How many times has that happened. You think you have a date, You get ready only to sit for hours waiting for them to ring the door bell or the phone to ring. You wait and wait, but nothing happens. You have been stood up again. Being stood up doesn’t only happen to people who … Continue reading

Are You Tired of Dating

Sometimes dating just gets tiresome. You go to parties, concerts, or bars always with the idea in mind of maybe meeting someone there. Possibly developing a relationship that could lead somewhere. Most of the time, it doesn’t happen. You may meet someone, but it may only be a one time deal. You may get along … Continue reading