Monthly Archives: January 2013

Online Speed Dating

I was amazed to find there are even sites that offer online speed dating. I am not looking for a special person right now as I have one. I just thought I would check it out. The first thing they ask is if you are a male or female and what you are looking for. … Continue reading

Have You Heard About Speed Dating?

Many people are struggling with trying to find a good date these days. There are more and more singles out there looking, but they don’t know where to go. When my daughter goes out on the town with her friends, they go to a bar. It’s not just a sit down and get drunk bar, … Continue reading

I Spent New Years Eve Alone

Wow, I must really be needy. It seems like almost everyone gets a date for New Years Eve. Not me. I sat home on Facebook chatting with a few others. They were mostly older people who always just stayed at home with their spouses to await the start of the new year. Here I was, … Continue reading