Monthly Archives: March 2013

A Night Out Speed Dating

We always think of Friday or Saturday night as our big party night. A time to go out with friends, or a special someone in our life. Sometimes we can get a bit crazy. There are even times we regret things that may have happened. The next day, we may not answer the phone. In … Continue reading

Here It Is, Friday Night Again

Wow! I have never seen Friday come around so fast. Once again, all my friends have plans and I have none. What can I do? I have called everyone I know. Looks like another lonely Friday night for me in front of the television and early to bed. They do say getting plenty of rest … Continue reading

I Have A Date Tonight

I am going out tonight. Do I know who with? Not really. I have a date with 10 other people. No, I am not going to be the only one there with 10 other people of the opposite sex, there will be 9 others too. I am going to this speed dating event that a … Continue reading

Speed Dating Is Easy

There is no reason to be nervous about going to your first speed dating event. It’s just a big social meeting where lots of singles gather. There are no requirements other than to be single. Willing to answer questions or ask questions to others. I imagine many singles go to these events with complete doubt … Continue reading