Monthly Archives: July 2013

Let’s Go Speed Dating

Speed dating is a growing thing. As people are learning more about it, they are finding it quite appealing. No more need to go to the bar with a group of friends hoping to find a date. Hanging out in parks or asking questions at the super market to get someones attention isn’t necessary. Now … Continue reading

Going Speed Dating

No, I am not going to the racetrack to watch the cars go around and around and around. I find that rather boring. It amazes me how many people are sitting there in the stands watching it all. If I knew a person that was racing, it would be exciting it they were really in … Continue reading

Speed Dating Party

How is it possible to have a fun night out if I can’t find a date? Are you dateless this weekend? Your friends seem to always have time to meet people to date or are in relationships leaving you alone? Have you tried speed dating? There are lots of speed dating parties going on online … Continue reading

My Experience Last Week At A Speed Dating Event

I was bored last week and a bit down about having to spend the whole weekend alone at home while my friends were out on dates with their boyfriends. It’s sort of discouraging to know everyone has a date but you. Even if their dates are only to have fun, nothing serious, they are at … Continue reading