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Dating Online in a Speed Dating Event

Yes it’s true. You can actually meet local people online on a speed dating site. It’s a new and easy way to meet people. You can use a webcam and do a video chat so you can actually chat with a potential person you may find an interest in and want to date. Just introduce yourself and have fun.

Speed dating parties online. Sounds interesting, right? Just attend a speed dating online event,  you will get to chat with lots of people. You will feel like you had a night out but are really sitting comfortably in your own home. If you are interested in anyone you chatted with, just like with the speed dating sites you go to off line, you mark your scorecard and turn it into the secure email of the promoters. They check to see if the person you picked was also interested in you. If so, they exchange information with both of you to allow you to connect away from the speed dating site.

Typically just like with the off line events you meet 10 to 15 people. Most people attending these events are interested in finding a serious person to date. They aren’t just looking for a one night stand. You speak with the person for about 6 to 7 minutes. Ask each other questions to help you know a little bit more about each other than just appearance. Many matches are made at these events and many have even become long term relationships.

It is a new form of matchmaking in a sense. Only it’s organized. Not your friend sending you out on a blind date that you have no idea of what to expect. It is becoming more and more a successful way of meeting someone. It is especially good for a person who simply has no time to go out hoping to find someone at a party or some other social event. Speed dating events are set up to help people find good dates.

When you go online to attend a speed dating event or go to one that is located close by off line, you need to be prepared. Dress properly, look good, but also be yourself. If you don’t typically dress in a slinky sexy type outfit, then don’t wear it. The guy you got the attention of will expect you to dress that way most of the time. Have your teeth cleaned if they are a bit yellow, that is always something to do anyway. If an off line event, make sure to brush your teeth prior to attending and smell good. You want to make this first impression a good one.

If you are attending an online event, you still need to dress nice, have your hair fixed and just an overall good look about you. You are still making a first impression and want it to be as good as you can. If you do all of this, it doesn’t matter if you are speed dating in person or online, you will most likely get a date.

Speed dating is different, but it can be fun. Quit sitting around waiting for a date to show up on your doorstep. Either go online to a site or find a local site near you and try speed dating.

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