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Even Single Parents Can Speed Date

So you are single and a parent of one or more children. Does that make you ineligible for a meaningful relationship? Do you think no man or woman would want to get involved with you since you have children? That’s not true. Now they are having speed dating events for single parents. Everyone there would have children. They may or may not live with them, but they most likely either do or they pay support to the other parent.

Being a parent doesn’t mean that as a single you are doomed to one night stands or always staying home alone.

If you look up single parents and speed dating on google, you will most likely find local listings where they are holding speed dating events. All you need to do is sign up to attend the next speed dating event where you will meet a group of single parents that have possibly felt just like you. There could also be single non parent people there who have expressed maybe a desire to date a parent or has no concerns about dating a person with children.

Many sites set up events for single parents night just as they do for singles nights.

If you have a child, it is difficult to find time to date. With having to work everyday, then picking up your child from wherever they stay while you are at work. Once home there is dinner to make, possibly homework to do, bathes to take, laundry to do, when do you find time for yourself?

Now is the time to get your best friend to spend time with your child or children and try to meet someone that could make your life better.

Speed dating for single parents is no different than it is for single non parents. You still get to meet many other single parents looking for the same thing you are. You or they get to ask a lot of questions and if the answers are what you are looking for, you can put their name down on your card. Turn it in at the end of the evening and hope they also felt the connection. If you both put each others names down then the connection will be made. You are given each others information so that you can contact each other and set up a real date.

On the real date, you will get to know each other even better and decide from there if it’s a good relationship. If it is, you may simply begin to have a life again besides being a working single parent.

All you need to do is look up speed dating in your local classifieds or type it in the search bar online. You are sure to find something. Then call the event, check to see if they offer single parents night. If they do, then be prepared to try something new.

If you don’t match up with someone your first time, they try another one. It’s also an enjoyable night out which I am sure you deserve.

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