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I always say that you can look in your local classifieds or online for a speed dating site happening near you, so I gave it a try. I wanted to know exactly what you would find if you put speed dating in a Google search. Here is what I found.

First of all, there were sites simply promoting speed dating. Telling how you would meet thousands of other singles by attending their event. You would meet these singles instantly at their speed dating event.

Then there were ads leading you to other websites about local speed dating. Every site always seems to think they are the best.

Did you know that you can be over 40 and still have speed dating events that are related to your age group? I feel that is pretty good. I always felt that it was for the younger generation. Knowing that any age group could be out there searching for speed dating events to meet others is good to know. I am in a relationship, but you never know when something could happen leaving you single again. I would have no idea where to start looking if I ever did decide to look again.

The definition of speed dating is, it’s a type of matchmaking process where clients are encouraged by the promoter to mix with other singles. You can meet a big group of singles just like you who are looking for dates. These are typically people you do not know.

As I was saying at first, I was looking for local events. What did I find? Lots and lots of them. In fact I found monthly parties happening right near where I live. There were also many sites that offered area residents the opportunity to speed date online. If two online people were both interested in each other, then information on where they can meet off line is given to both parties. I feel that a meeting in a local business and not at home would be best. I am not a real trusting person and would prefer the other party not know where I live until I am comfortable with them. Nothing worse than having someone turn up at your front door that you have no real interest in.

As I continued my online search, I found more and more local events. Maybe not in my direct area, but within a reasonable distance.

If you are single and have no idea where to begin finding a date, why not check out speed dating. I am sure that you like most people would love finding a romantic partner and speed dating is a way you can find one in a safe environment. No need to feel embarrassed that you like someone that rejects you. They will never even know you put their name on your card unless they put your name on theirs.

Speed dating is a great way to pre-date someone without any commitment. You may or may not find a date at the speed dating event, but come next week or month, there will possibly be another one.

If I am ever single again, at least I know a way I can try and find a date if I choose to. No need to spend weekends at home wondering if the grand kids are going to drop by. I can still live an active life.

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