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Find Your Next Date At A Speed Dating Event

Where do you go to find your next boyfriend or girlfriend? If you are like a lot of people these days, you really don’t know where to go. Some people will go hang out at the local bar hoping for someone that appears to be nice coming in. Chances of you meeting your perfect mate at a bar are slim. It’s hard to find someone to date these days. At a bar, you may try to get to know them a little but you never know if they are being truthful or not.

Men are known for looking helpless at the grocery store and trying to pick up a date in the produce department. This is probably just an exaggerated story but I bet some have tried it. Using lines such as, “hey, could you tell me how you know this melon is ripe?” It may actually work occasionally but most women will catch on and walk on.

It’s just as bad for women to find a date. As we mentioned, the bar can be really hard to find a date that you feel has been truthful. You need to look for an indent on their finger where maybe a ring had been before they entered the bar.

With speed dating, you don’t always get a lot of choices that you feel are good ones. You can have a variety of people show up. You may even have some classy women show since no one asked them out when they were in other places. They don’t necessarily attend event because they are desperate, I don’t think there are many that do that. Most people attend the event hoping to have a good time. Not many really think they will meet their future wife or husband. It can be a real enjoyable evening.

While you are at the event, you get to spend a short time of about 7 minutes with possibly 10 different people. You have what many call a bunch of short dates. You get to chat, evaluate each other, and decide from the conversation if this person sitting across from you is interesting enough to want a second date. At the end of your mini date, they move on and you make notes on your score card.

Speed dating has gained popularity due to it’s a fun night out. Groups of girls or guys can register together and have a good time while possibly finding a person they would enjoy dating. Some places have started offering speed dating on a nightly basis instead of only on the weekends.

Sometimes you will find the time they allow you to visit with each other just isn’t enough. You may barely get started or only asked one question when it’s time to move on again. This can be frustrating if you think maybe this person could be one of interest.

If you don’t find someone of interest at the first event, or even the second, and you are having fun, then keep trying. It’s a lot better than sitting at home watching the seasons re-runs. You get a night out, you meet a lot of new people, and you could end up with a date. Take a chance.

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