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Have you ever gone to the bar and thought that cute looking guy that kept looking your way was single? Then after you have went out on a few dates with him, maybe felt you were falling in love with him, then you find out he has another love in his life?

Wedding rings aren’t on every married mans hand. Many choose not to wear them, not because they plan on being a cheater, but when someone looks at their hand, they think they are free.

Are you tired of checking a potential date to see if there is an indentation of a wedding band? Would you like to attend an event where everyone is required to be single?

Then speed dating may be just what you are looking for. I know it sounds strange, but people are actually finding good partners through this dating process. It’s hard to meet a legit single person that has the qualities you are looking for.

The people attending these events are typically checked out. They need to pass background checks to be sure they are good safe potential dates. Someone you may choose to build a relationship with once you narrow down your search. People attending these events are looking for a good date and possible relationship just like you are.

How does a relaxed atmosphere, meeting others with the same interest as you, at a casual affair sound to you? You can always dress up if you choose to or not. Let them meet the real you.

Maybe you have been so tied up with the earning money part of your life that you never really gave dating a chance. Now you are finding it hard to find that right person that many find in their youth when they are going out in groups and just having fun.

Speed dating enables you to do all of this. It allows you to meet with one person at a time, but many people. Spend a few minutes with each person before the bell rings for them to move on to the next. Have your questions you would like to ask on a paper in front of you so you can get as much information in that short time as you can.

Does going to dating sites and placing a profile sort of scare you? Then you get a list of people who are maybe interested in you. Are you sure they have all been checked out. Are you sure there are no axe killers portraying themselves as potential dates?

Dating itself can be scary when you start dating people you really don’t know. Why not attend an event where everyone is checked out. No axe killers in the group or serial killers.

No private stuff is exchanged. Only chat with each other. If you find you are interested in dating someone, the event people then check everything out. If both parties want to have a second real date, they are then given the information to be able to contact the other.

Even if you don’t find someone at the event, you can have a fun evening socializing with a lot of other people. Perhaps the first time you meet, you really don’t have an interest in a certain person, but after a few meetings, a mutual feeling starts forming and you set up a date.

Get out there and find a speed dating location today. Have some fun. We all grow old too fast and need to enjoy life while we can. Don’t just be a couch potato sitting at home hoping to meet someone. Get out there and have fun.

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