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No, I am not going to the racetrack to watch the cars go around and around and around. I find that rather boring. It amazes me how many people are sitting there in the stands watching it all. If I knew a person that was racing, it would be exciting it they were really in the competition, but just to watch a bunch of strangers race, I would rather go speed dating.

Speed dating is a way of meeting people who are single and not in a relationship. The really nice thing about it, is you get to interview all your potential dates before you decide if you really want to date them or not.

Think back on some of your dates you have had in the past. I once met this guy, he looked like a beach boy to me. So good looking he was. I immediately fell head over heals for him. He even would hand me a bouquet of flowers every time he came to pick me up for a date. He seemed like a real sweetheart.

Later as our relationship grew, he became very possessive, demanding of me, even made me lose my job as a bartender due to his jealousy. As I learned more about him, I found out his past was full of relationships like ours had become. It was a relationship I had to get out of. I did break it off with him, it wasn’t easy. I was actually becoming a bit scared of him. Thank goodness I have friends and family that helped me through it.

If I had met him at a speed dating event, I may have been able to ask him questions that would have helped me see some of his dark past. I now know how to watch their eyes when I ask simple questions about prior relationships. It really helps keep me out of getting in a bad relationship again. Plus, I watch for signs early in our dating. I know now to break things off early if anything doesn’t seem right. I found that it only gets worse not better.

Speed dating helps me find dates that fit me. Seeing someone and just liking them to start for their looks is not a great way to choose a date. Having them sit across from me responding to questions I ask is much better.

When speed dating, don’t waste your few minutes you have to ask questions talking about your past relationships. Try to use the time as best you can to learn about the guy or gal sitting across from you. It’s easier to never hook up with them if you see things may not work out thean to break up later. Once they have your phone and address, things get more complicate.

Go with questions that really matter to you. Ask them and try to stick to your list so you can find as much out about them as you can in the short 8 minutes you have.

Then pick someone that seemed to interest you and go out on a terrific date. It may take a few times before you find that perfect someone, but they are out there. Don’t give up.

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