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Have You Found Your Soul Mate

There are some interesting theories about our soul mates and how they came to be. Our soul mates are said to be a part of us. The person that makes us whole. It is thought to be already planned out before our birth who will be our soul mate. Then it’s up to us to find them.

Aristophanes theory was that in the beginning, everyone had four arms, four legs but a single head consisting of two faces. Zeus was concerned that they had too much power together so he split then into two bodies. This meant that now the two souls had to find each other to be complete. That is where the saying ‘I am searching for my soul mate’ comes from.

Your soul mate is your romantic partner. Someone whom you want to bond with and spend the rest of your life with. It’s hard to imagine life without them.

Sometimes you may find your soul mate is actually someone you have known for quite a long time. A friend that has always been there for you. Together you seem to be able to conquer the world but don’t seem to see each other in a romantic way. You have bonded and are best friends, but haven’t taken that last step.

If you meet someone and seem to have an instant connection, you may feel you have met your soul mate. This feeling you get is one that draws you to them in such a way you have never felt before. You have finally met someone you cannot leave at the door and be happy about it. You want them with you every minute of the day. You feel so happy and alive when you are with them. You finally feel you have found that love you have been searching for and all your other infatuations fade away. You realize the loves of your past were just building blocks to the real thing.

Have you found this type of love yet? Have you found your soul mate?

If you are still searching for your soul mate, and aren’t in a relationship, maybe it would be good for you to try speed dating. While you are asking questions and wanting good answers from the person you are chatting with at the time, a good question to ask yourself is, would I be happy being there for this person the rest of my life? Would I be willing to give them what they need without always expecting something back? Look at each person that sits across from you and ask yourself that question. If they answer is no, then go on to the next person. If you feel that it is possible you would be happy giving to them for the rest of your life, then after the session is over, let the sponsors know you are interested in dating them. If they were also interested in you, a date will happen. If not, then keep looking. If they were truly your soul mate, you may meet once again. Soul mates keep trying to find each other for life.

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