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Have You Heard About Speed Dating?

Many people are struggling with trying to find a good date these days. There are more and more singles out there looking, but they don’t know where to go. When my daughter goes out on the town with her friends, they go to a bar. It’s not just a sit down and get drunk bar, it’s a bar people dance at and have fun. I asked her if she felt she could find Mr. Right there. She agreed she would not. It was just a way of going out and having fun with her friends.

Going to bars is getting to be one of the only ways to meet someone.

What if someone told you there was a better way. A way that you could meet 10 different single men or women, which ever it is you are looking for. They would all be eligible singles. Not married people pretending to be single.

Amongst these 10 people, you will find educated singles and many with good jobs. They simply don’t have the time to go out and find a date on their own. Today, people work so many different shifts and it is making it hard to meet and get a serious relationship going.

Have you heard about speed dating. There are programs all over the country. They are encouraging singles to come to their events and chat with other singles. They typically have 10 single males and 10 single females. The organization promoting the event usually tries to set up age categories too. You wouldn’t want to be an older woman going in to an event and having only young men in their 20′s to interview. Or maybe you would.

At a speed dating event, there are either men or women that are asking all the questions. Which ever group is not asking questions is revolving around the room at possible 8 second intervals. You only get a certain allotted time with each individual. Then they move on to the next person.

When you sign up for the event, you are told who will be asking the questions so you can go in prepared. Even the person traveling about the room could ask some questions. You really want to get to know the person as well as you can in a limited amount of time.

Come the event day, dress how ever it feels comfortable for you to dress. It you over do it, you may send out messages to others that you are high maintenance. Then again, if you under dress, they may think you have no poise. So think carefully about the impression you want to give people.

Have fun. That’s the most important thing. If you aren’t having fun, it will show in your attitude and you may not find anyone that interest you or that has an interest in you. Just be relaxed and be yourself. Remember, you are selling yourself for who you are, not what you think they may want you to be. That is why so many relationships fail. People are too busy trying to please each other. Then they get married and the real person comes out.

If you are single and struggling to find a date, they why not try speed dating. You may just find your future mate.

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