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I Have A Date Tonight

I am going out tonight. Do I know who with? Not really. I have a date with 10 other people. No, I am not going to be the only one there with 10 other people of the opposite sex, there will be 9 others too. I am going to this speed dating event that a local school in my area is hosting. I saw the flyer the other day and it looked like fun. I am not really sure how many people signed up for it, I do hope a lot did. It read that if too many to do only one group of singles, they would open up other areas for more people to participate. You did have to pre register, so they know how many are coming. I hope to meet some really nice people there. No matter what, I have a date tonight and I am excited.

What is speed dating? Have you ever heard of it before? There are many people who just like the person above are preparing for a night out at such an event. They are not individuals who others may look at and consider them to be someone you would not choose to date. They are people who simply just don’t have the time to meet other singles in a situation that they can ask them out.

Speed dating can be fun and a good night out. Even if you don’t find someone you would love to date, it can be an entertaining and rewarding evening. There is a fee to attend, I am not sure how much it is, it could depend on what all they offer at the event. This is usually a fund raising event put on by churches, schools, or other organizations.

So you are going out speed dating. What does this mean? It means you will get to meet possibly 10 eligible people to date. Main requirement is everyone has to be single. No married going out on spouse people wanted there. It is possible that they also do a little background checking. I am sure they would only be looking for major offenses not little minor ones. An offense that would mean matching someone with them could be a dangerous thing to do.

What happens at this speed dating event. Before it starts, it is decided as to who is asking the questions and has a permanent seat and who rotates around the room. The person asking questions should bring a list of things that matter to them as an individual when it comes to dating someone. The person rotating around the room usually gets to sit across from someone for about 8 minutes.

Do you think you can evaluate someone and pick a date after only spending 8 minutes with them? Of course you can. Think of the people you have gone out for a cup of coffee with or some fast food after just a brief meeting. In this case, you have at least learned some significant things about the person first. They also learn a little about you. If you are only into certain types of religion, and ask them about theirs, they are also finding out what your choices are.

If you are single, doesn’t matter if old or young, there are speed dating events set up out there for you. All you have to do is look around and find one. They will match you with people that are of your approximate age group.

Have fun. Enjoy the night out. Then let others know how it went.

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