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I Should Have Went Speed Dating

On Friday, my friend called me up to let me know a party was happening at Jack’s house. Jack always has the best parties. Lots of people come to these parties and most of them are without dates. You always know you can find a date there. I told my friend, Chuck, that I would be there. No problem. I wasn’t about to pass up a party at Jack’s.

The party was suppose to start at 9pm. It was a bring your own booze type party. Those are always best. Who can really afford to supply the alcohol for all their friends. Some can really drink and then you also risk the factor of them not handing over the keys to a sober person to drive. You shouldn’t be held responsible if they brought their own drinks and wouldn’t stay the night. Jack always had plenty of room for his guest to spend the night. He did not want anyone driving home drunk.

I got to the party about 10 o’clock. Things were going pretty strong and the music was playing loud. I found Chuck out back by the pool. He must have started drinking before he came to the party. He was already so drunk he was stumbling around.

Then I went looking for Jack. Jack was busy cooking up some hamburgers for everyone. He already had a banquet of food set out but Jack always does it right. He wants everyone to be happy.

As I wandered around, in the garden there were some strange smells. I wasn’t sure what it was but had my idea. So I just kept on going. There were lots of girls and guys both at the party. I grabbed a beer and sat down to chat. Next thing I know, there were fireworks going off outside. Wow, what a sight. It was amazing. Only problem was, it’s illegal to shoot off fireworks in the area. Jack was trying to find who was setting them off but they had stopped.

Apparently Jack’s neighbors are growing a bit tired of Jack’s parties. They called the police. Jack didn’t know it and the party was going on as before the fireworks incident. I took a walk back out to the pool area to get something to eat and that is when I saw the police walking in. As more and more people noticed the police, they started trying to leave. The police told everyone to stay where they were. Well some still left. That is when the police called for backup. Next thing I know, there were police everywhere.

I hadn’t done anything wrong. I am 21 so I was of legal age to drink and I wasn’t drunk so I just sat down at a table to eat what I had gotten off the buffet table. I didn’t think I had anything to worry about.

Little did I know that Jack had some people at the party that weren’t old enough to drink. Then the odor I smelled in the garden, well, it was marijuana. Next thing I know I am being handcuffed. Everyone at the party that hadn’t left before the reinforcements got there were taken to jail.

The police found the underage drinkers and the usage of drugs so they took everyone in. I wasn’t drunk and passed the drug check, but I was still in trouble.

I should have went to the speed dating event with Polly instead. At the speed dating event I wouldn’t have ended up in jail. I could have actually found a date. I did not find anyone at the party. There is food at the speed dating event to eat, lots of people to meet, and it’s fun. Would have been much better than sitting in jail like I am now.



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