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I Spent New Years Eve Alone

Wow, I must really be needy. It seems like almost everyone gets a date for New Years Eve. Not me. I sat home on Facebook chatting with a few others. They were mostly older people who always just stayed at home with their spouses to await the start of the new year. Here I was, young, single, not really unattractive talking to seniors on facebook.

That is how I felt that New Years Eve I spent alone. It was depressing. I was so lonely. I made a New Years Resolution to be more out going. That was my problem. I was so quiet and shy that I never really went out where I could meet anyone.

My job, working at a retirement home offered very little for the dating scene. A few guys worked there, but most were already involved or not the type I would go for. The residents flirted with me a lot, but men that age always do. I needed to find a way to meet a nice man that I would enjoy getting to know better.

That next night, as I was browsing through my daily newspaper, I saw an advertisement about a speed dating event taking place right down the street from me. They were looking for participants. The actual event would be in two weeks. At first, I felt myself returning to the shy, quiet person I had just resolved not to be anymore. I was making excuses to myself as to why I could not do that. Then something deep inside me told me to do it. Was that God speaking to me?

I opened the newspaper back to the advertisement and picked up the phone. The lady on the other end of the call was very pleasant and made me feel so comfortable. She didn’t make me feel like a reject who couldn’t find a date all by herself. She asked me a few questions, such as how old I was, since they want to keep participants within an age frame. We chatted a little and she told me I was all set up and what time to be there. She also told me that it was the girls asking the questions and helped me prepare some good questions to ask the guys since it was my first time.

It really didn’t sound like such a hard thing to do. All I had to do was dress nice, show up at the event in two weeks and have questions ready to ask the guys. Their answers would give me an idea as to if I wanted to see them again. The lady told me it was like an evening out on the town but organized. There would be food and drinks at this one. I am not sure if they always provide refreshments or not. I would get to chat with about 8 to 10 guys for 8 minutes each.

I am actually starting to look forward to the event. I am not a loser. The lady helped me understand that. I only need help finding someone in this vast world full of people. This event may just help me do that. I am happy I made that New Years Resolution.



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