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Is It Friday Already?

I have been so busy this week that Friday just sort of sneaked up on me. I know, I did get waken up by the alarm every day this week, but the days just flew by. I never gave a thought to what I was going to do this weekend. I may just go to the video store and rent a good movie. That does sound kind of boring though.

Spending Friday night at home while all my friends are out with other people isn’t fun. I’ve done it before and I find myself thinking too much about what my friends are doing and not enjoying the movie.

Friday’s paper got my attention. There are always weekend things happening and Friday is the day they advertise them all. I opened up the paper to the weekend happenings and started looking. There were a few carnivals going on. The Catholic church’s are big on having those this time of year. I hear they are good fundraisers. Then I started reading about all the people who just recently got engaged. There were also pictures of older people celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary. Wow, that is a long time to be married. I hope to enjoy a 60th wedding anniversary some day.

As I was browsing all the social events, something caught my eye. There was a speed dating event happening right down the road from me at the convention center. It was suppose to be a pretty big event. You were also suppose to have registered for it. I’d heard a little about speed dating. Some people mentioned they had a lot of fun at them. Not all ended up with dates, but they had fun going to it and met a lot of people. That was my problem. I didn’t really know a lot of people. Sure I had Diane and Karen who were great friends, but they also had boyfriends. That put me out of the picture for a lot of things they would do. 4 people going to the beach is fun, but adding a single friend too, is just not good. I did it a few times and felt very out of place.

Maybe it was time for me to try something new. This speed dating seemed to be interesting, and if I could get myself to step out of my shell and go, I may just have fun. I could even find a date! Now I was starting to get excited.

Again, you were suppose to register. I wondered if I was too late. I picked up the phone, then hung up. There I went again. I was back in that shell. I made myself pick up that phone again and dial the number. When a girl answered, I stumbled a little bit unable to say what I wanted to say and again I hung up. Well, apparently they had caller ID. She called me back. Not sure all of them would have caller ID, but this one did. The girl that was on the other end of the line told me she understood why I had hung up. She told me that she once did the same thing. She took a chance and called me back hoping that I was only nervous and hadn’t just dialed a wrong number.

I talked to the girl for a bit. She explained a little more about speed dating and signed me up. There was a few spaces still open for the event.

Well, I guess I am going speed dating tonight. I am really nervous about it, but I know that the girl, Holly, will be there to guide me as to what I need to do. I think I am going to have fun. Wish me luck.

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