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Let’s Talk About Speed Dating Questions

What would be some good questions to ask a potential date at a speed dating event?

I know I personally always want to know what a person does for a living. Not that it would make me not want to date them, but there are some it would. If the other person is a police officer, you may have a fear of being home alone a lot and them getting killed. There are many dangerous jobs out there as well as not. It’s a good way to start off your conversation. Who doesn’t like chatting about themselves.

Another good one is have you ever been married. If a person has been married, they could possibly still have feelings for their spouse. Asking them who wanted the divorce and why may be a good question, but they may chose not to answer it. Also finding out about other relationships and how long they lasted can tell you a bit about a person too. They may be hard to get along with or overly jealous.

If politics matter to you, then go ahead and ask them which party they support. You may be sorry if they support a party you don’t.

Sometimes you can learn a bit about a person by them telling you about something that is precious to them. It may sound silly to you, but something as small as a pebble can be important to some people.

What is your favorite season and why. If you love summer and all the activities, but your potential date loves winter and winter time activities, then it’s good to know ahead. Personally, I hate being cold. In the winter, sitting in front of the fireplace and watching a movie is fine with me. My summer is filled with activities. I would not be happy with a person who only liked sitting in the air conditioning all summer.

Do you like animals and have one? If you are a dog lover or a cat lover and your potential date has no love of either, or likes a breed you are scared of, this would not work either. It’s great to know this before starting a relationship.

I am not sure, but many always ask for their potential dates Zodiac sign. It is said that some are compatible while others are not. My horoscope is correct a great deal of the time.

What type of music do you like. If they like rap music and you like modern country, that isn’t going to work.

What hobbies do you like.

Do you like sports? Do you watch them all day Sunday or only during the week?

Do you have a favorite movie that is still out at the theaters?

Do you go to church and if so, what is your affiliation? Some religions don’t mix and it’s best to find out from the start. If you really end up in a relationship, they may insist on attending their church and not yours

This is just some examples of questions you can ask. They are easy questions, but they can tell you a lot about the person sitting across form you.

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