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My Date Stood Me Up

How many times has that happened. You think you have a date, You get ready only to sit for hours waiting for them to ring the door bell or the phone to ring. You wait and wait, but nothing happens. You have been stood up again.

Being stood up doesn’t only happen to people who others may think are unattractive or strange. It happens to all of us. It happened to me a few times. Nothing makes a person more upset than to think they have a great night ahead and it just not happen.

When I was growing up, or in my early twenties, speed dating wasn’t around. We all had to hope to find someone by attending some sort of function, our place of work, church or just by chance. Sometimes that was difficult to do.

Speed dating gives you an edge on picking a person. You get to know a little about them before
you actually go out on a date. You can decide if you even want to date the person. I know there were times when someone would ask me out, that I really didn’t want to go out with. How could I politely say no. It was hard. In fact when I met my husband, he was with a friend. The friend actually asked me out. I felt a little bit brave that day, I was only 18 years old, I looked at the friend and told him no thank you but I would like to date your friend. My husband was standing right there and said sure. That was the beginning of a now 39 year old relationship.

That is the edge speed dating can give you. Allowing you to question and review people before deciding on if you want to date them or not. Another good thing is, you don’t have to reject them. If you don’t want to date them, you just don’t list their name at the end of the session on your card. The people you speak to and interview, only get your personal information if you and they both put on the cards that you would like to have a second date. It is considered a first date when you meet at a session.

Speed dating can be fun and rewarding. You get a night out and meet a lot of new people. Chances of you meeting that many singles looking for relationships out somewhere else is slim. Plus you never know who is really married but removed their wedding band for the night.

After being stood up, I was lucky and did meet the special person where I was working. Not everyone is that lucky. Try speed dating and maybe you can find a life long relationship too. They are wonderful.

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