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My Experience Last Week At A Speed Dating Event

I was bored last week and a bit down about having to spend the whole weekend alone at home while my friends were out on dates with their boyfriends. It’s sort of discouraging to know everyone has a date but you. Even if their dates are only to have fun, nothing serious, they are at least having fun. I wanted to have fun too.

I saw in the paper an ad about a speed dating event taking place at the convention center down the street from me. Going there was a total new experience for me. To tell you the truth, I was scared to death. When I started thinking about my reaction as I got closer to entering the doors, I started thinking. What am I scared of. The only thing that will happen tonight is I either find a date for another night or I don’t. So I went on through those double flopping doors into another world. The world of speed dating.

What I found was a crowd. A lot of people waiting in lines to finalize their registration and then being placed at tables. At each long table there was a large empty space set up between seating areas. I guessed that was to permit privacy while you were speaking to a potential date.

As I waited to finalize my registration, I looked around the place a bit. A few people were already sitting at their table spots, but others, after being assigned a seat were up mingling with the crowd. I guessed they were people who had done this before. From what I could see, people were having a good time.

I will say I overdressed for the whole affair. I had my hair done, my nails done and was wearing a very attractive dress that showed off all my curves. Then of course I had done my own makeup. I was wondering how pale I probably looked in this lighting. Maybe I should have had my makeup done too. When I looked around at how the others in attendance were dressed, I changed my mind. It seemed like the big thing here at the speed dating event was to be yourself.

There were many people in blue jeans, some in casual wear, but there were others dressed up like me. The girls who seemed like they were the most comfortable were wearing blue jeans, boots, sweaters, and had their hair casual. Nothing special. I really would have felt much better dressed like they were.

After finishing up my registration and paying my fees for participating, I was taken to a seat. There they explained to me that the girls would be asking the questions. A lady asked me if I needed any help thinking of some questions to ask. I did and she was so nice about helping me. I guess she could tell it was my first time.

Next thing I knew there was this great looking guy sitting across from me. I stumbled over my questions, probably looked like the worst type date anyone would want and then time was up. I sort of liked him, but I had 15 more guys to talk to first. As the night went, I did do better.

The whole speed dating thing was fun. I enjoyed myself and plan on attending another one soon. I didn’t find a date. It could be because I failed to put any of the names of the guys I was talking to down on my card. If they can’t match my card up with a guys card to show we would like to have another date, then no matches are made.

I was a novice at this one, but next time, I know more what I am doing and I am sure I will get a date. I hope that first guy I talked to is still there. He was so cute.

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