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My First Speed Date. What Type of Questions Should I Ask

That is a great question. Speed dating isn’t a time to flirt with a prospective date, it’s a time to check each other out. A time to find out the real person not the flirty one. Speed dating leaves no time for flirting. Remember, you only have a few minutes before the next person moves into the empty spot across from you. This means you need to have your questions written down and ready to be asked. Then take notes to be sure you remember the answers you like and the ones you don’t. If you interview a dozen different people, you could tend to get their replies a bit mixed up. So notes are good.

Speed dating is becoming more and more popular as our lives are becoming more complicated. We have very little free time to enable us to go to places to meet others. Plus, if you have a friend you like to go out with to places to meet potential dates, it may be difficult to find times you are both free.

As I said earlier, your time to interview your potential date is short. You need to be sure even how you dress conveys the right message to them. Dress to revealing, it could give them the wrong message. If you dress too rich they may feel they cannot afford you. Just dress in something simple and fresh looking. Remember, you are going to be sitting for a while so make sure it’s something comfortable.

Now, what are some good questions to ask?

Typically you always ask a person where they work. Hoping they do work. Where they work doesn’t really tell you a lot, but sometimes the type of work will prove interesting for future conversations if you connect.

Were they born locally? Where did they grow up? If not local, what brought them to your area. Don’t let this take too long though, you only have a short time.

Ask about previous relationships. How long did the last one last and possibly why did it end?

You would like to know a little about their personality. Ask them if there is something they could tell you about themselves that they would like to share with you.

Ask them what they are looking for in a relationship? What do they feel is important? Do they ever plan on getting married? When looking for a wife/husband, what do they look for?

Let them know you want to have fun. What do they do for fun? Any interesting hobbies?

Do they go to church. What type of church or if they just believe in God. Or what God do they worship. It can be difficult if you both have different religions or beliefs.

Favorite movies, books they read or places they like to eat at can all tell you things about them and see if you have any common interest.

These are just a few of the questions you can ask. There are many more. Think of things that are important to you in a relationship and ask questions to help you find out if you are compatible or not.
Speed dating can be a fun experience. You may have to attend a few events before finding the special someone, but they are out there. Just keep looking.

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