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Speed Dating Is Serious Dating

I heard a commercial on speed dating the other day. It wasn’t a commercial for speed dating, it was against it. They were making fun of it. I know that not everyone you meet at a speed dating event is going to be a person you are interested in. Do you go to any place and like everyone there? This commercial was showing a person that only a mother could love as the person being interviewed. This type of person, if they even exist, most likely would not show up at a true to life speed dating event.

If you go to an event, it’s a known thing that you have a 50 to 50 chance of meeting the person of your dreams. Maybe even more like a 20 to 80% chance. I know to meet my husband, I didn’t date that many people. I didn’t get out and go that many places. It just happened. We met and have been married for 37 years. No, I did not meet him at a speed dating place.

Commercials are made to make the product being pushed sold while lots of times tearing down others. The place the commercial was for, was another type of dating service where they picked the person for you to date. For me, that doesn’t sound any better. Or maybe you would get to pick from a group of pictures and resumes. Do you really want to pick your date from a resume?

See, we can all make fun of other sites. I figure most have their good things about them. Speed dating sounds like fun. Going to the place they are offering the event and getting to chat with lots of people face to face sounds interesting. I would like to get my sons to do that. Meet some nice girls. I am sure they would.

There is no pressure when speed dating. Everyone has a good time, you talk with lots of different people and maybe find someone of interest to you. If they are interested back, you get a date. If after the first date you find they aren’t what you thought they were, just try speed dating again. Everyone goes through relationships looking for that special person. Going back to find another one is nothing new. Many don’t return. They found someone and continue to date them.

If this sounds good to you. Why not give it a try. I am sure there are some speed dating events going on near you. Check in the classified listings, the local library or community center for locations. Then call and sign up. There is a fee as most of these events are put on as fund raisers for different local organizations.

So go find one and have fun.

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