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How is it possible to have a fun night out if I can’t find a date?

Are you dateless this weekend? Your friends seem to always have time to meet people to date or are in relationships leaving you alone?

Have you tried speed dating?

There are lots of speed dating parties going on online and offline. If you put speed dating in your search bar, and your area you live, there is a very good chance some local sites near you are offering speed dating.

Are you having difficulty finding time to get out of the office or workplace to meet some eligible people to date?

Speed dating may be the perfect thing for you to try.

Are speed dating parties free?

Sorry to say they do charge a fee but if you went out to the bar or to dinner in hopes of meeting someone, that would cost you too.

What happens at a speed dating party?

When you decide you are ready to step out and start something new, speed dating may be the perfect answer for you. I prefer attending a speed dating party rather than chat online as not all do background checks. At least meeting someone in person gives me a chance to feel the person out a little. Learn a bit more about them and see their reactions to things I say.

The events usually want you to register ahead of time. That insures them that they have enough couples to complete their night. When you register, they will most likely tell you who is asking the questions at that particular party. That way you will know if you need to prepare any questions, or only be prepared to ask. I would take some questions with me no matter what as there are things I would want to know about a person that they may not ask.

It sounds harder than it is. When you go into the party, you will be told where to sit. Then once the party or event has started, you will get to meet about 15 different potential dates. Chat with them. Ask them your prepared questions or answer theirs. The time spent with each potential date is about 8 minutes. Every event can be different on the times.

You need to keep your confidence no matter which you are doing. Asking or answering question. How you react to questions or ask questions tells a lot about you to the other person.

Asking a little about prior relationships may help give you a clue as to how this person handles dating. It may show a bit of their likes and dislikes.

Finding out if the person you are chatting with has been married before or has any children is always good to find out. If they do have children, are you ready to take on the responsibility of them if your relationship gets serious or do you like your freedom to be able to take off and do what you want when you want?

If you are unsure of what type of questions you should ask, you can look online for that too. There are many sites set up to help you out with you questions. Don’t be shy asking them. That is what the speed dating party is about. It’s only a short 8 minutes to try and get to know the person a little to see you if are interested in dating them.

If you are interested, place their name on your card and turn it in at the end of the party. You can list more than one person. There is no limit. To make a match, the other person has to have listed you too.

So how about making plans. Don’t sit at home wondering what your friends are doing. Start making your life happen to. Look up speed dating and go have fun.

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