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Speed Dating, The Next Best Way to Get A Date

Speed dating. Sounds like something out of the future. Maybe in the future we don’t go out to meet a person of interest, we just input the things we desire in a machine and out comes our perfect date. A little too far fetched I hope. If the date goes wrong, and they aren’t perfect, what happens to that new person of interest? Were they teleported here from somewhere else in the world, or did they get made up to suit your desires.

I hope nothing of that sort ever happens. That we can just order what we want and get it. Do you think we would really be happy with a person that always agreed with everything we wanted to do, always ate the same thing we wanted to eat, and never seemed to have any mind of their own. I think we would become bored and the perfect date would be returned to where ever it is they came from.

It’s not really all that easy to make a person happy. The perfect date may like the same foods and activities we like, but they have to have a mind of their own and things they like to do too. To become more than just a date, to have a relationship, one must learn about the other and do the things they like to do too. It’s all about sharing. What would a relationship be without a little disgruntled feelings occasionally too. If it is was always ‘yes dear,’ ‘whatever you want dear,’  that would be so boring. We all want a little excitement in our lives. Not so much ‘no dear’ that the relationship stops working.

With speed dating, we can interview a person and find out about their likes and dislikes before it ever becomes a dating situation. You may find the other person so attractive you cannot take your eyes off them until you get to know them a little. Once you learn more about them, your feelings can reach more than skin deep and you may find you don’t really care for them at all.

Speed dating gives you a chance to get to know a person a little before having to spend hours with them only to go home that night and feel what a total loss the night was. You can spend 8 minutes with a person and if you are prepared with the right questions, you can learn a lot about them.

If you are having a difficult time meeting the right person, you find yourself out on dates with the most gorgeous dates you have ever met only to find them not so attractive once you really get to know them, then maybe you should try speed dating.

With people you meet at a speed dating event, you will have an enjoyable night and maybe find someone you are really interested in. If they are interested in you too, then you can let the sponsor of event know and they will exchange information with both of you so you can meet again for a second date. It’s a lot easier and nicer than finding out you don’t really like things about the date you are on while you are out for the night with them.

Try out speed dating. There are sure to be some happening near you. It could help you find that special someone you have been searching for.


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