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What type of tips do you think you may like before attending a speed dating event? Maybe some tips on what to wear? How to act? What type of questions to ask? I am sure you have questions. Maybe I can help you with some of them.

First, what to wear. I think the most important thing for a person to do when they are planning on meeting someone that they may like to date is to be themselves. Dress how you feel comfortable. Don’t go out and buy a brand new outfit and get your hair done unless it is something you do regularly. The outfit should be something you are comfortable wearing. If you are always shopping for things and getting hair fixed special, then that is your personality and you should show it. If you are a woman and you wear your hair down most of the time or pulled back, nothing special, then why fix it up.It most likely won’t look that way the next time they see you. If you come into the event with your hair fashionably fixed, jewelry, nails painted, top price outfit, then you will give the impression, you are high maintenance. There are some people turned off by that but others love it. That is what is so nice about these speed dating events. All types of people attend.

For a man, if you regularly shave, then do it. Don’t go in with a stubble unless that is your look. If you feel more comfortable with your beard, don’t shave it off. Many women love beards. That new show on TV, ‘Duck Dynasty’ has really made beards more attractive to women.

The most important thing to do as far as clothing is to be clean, coordinated, and comfortable.

Now, how to act. Again, be yourself. If you act like someone you aren’t, then the people you are interviewing or are interviewing you aren’t seeing the real you. If you get a date, they may not like the person that shows up on the date as much as they liked the pretend you.

Now for questions. We all have ideas of what we want our perspective date to be like. What religion they are or if aren’t religious at all. If they love camping, fishing or ballroom dances. What is a perfect night out is a good question to ask. Do they like attending the movies or renting a movie for a quiet evening at home? Many want to know if their perspective date has been married before or do they have any children. What a person does for a living is also important. I remember when women use to dream about marrying a doctor. I could never understand why. I think it would mean a lot of time alone at home for the spouse while the doctor was out on call with a patient. Police officers and firemen are considered dangerous occupations. Some chose to shy away from those two occupations.

Have your questions ready. Don’t think that you can just wing it while the person is sitting across the table from you. The time allowed is typically 8 minutes. That doesn’t give much time for trying to think of another question. Most of all, don’t worry if you don’t meet your dream date the first time. There will be more speed dating events. Each time you attend one, you may learn a little more of what you should be doing and eventually, if not right away, you will walk out with a slip of paper. That slip of paper will contain the information you need for contacting your prospective date. So go have some fun.

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