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Speed Dating vs A Blind Date

Speed dating is a way to meet a lot of other single people. It’s a place where only true singles gather and have a great time getting to know each other without any pressure.

Most of the people who go to a speed dating event are simply too busy with their everyday life to meet potential people to date. Many times they are just too busy to even have much free time at all. These are the people who will schedule time to fit in a speed dating event. They run their lives many times off of a calendar of schedules.

Don’t think that they cannot fit you in. Lots of times their lives are full of parties, gatherings of different sorts or other commitments and they would love to have a date with them. Many times they end up taking someone from the office that isn’t really a girl/boyfriend, but they wanted to appear as if they did have someone in their lives.

Lots of times these people, even though their lives are so busy,  are very lonely. Speed dating fits right in with their lives. Spending 7 to 8 minutes with a person that could be a future date is more time than they maybe give many other people. That is why they are single and looking for someone to date.

Then there are also the people who may have waited too long to start dating and don’t know where or how to start. When we were younger, there were a lot of occasions that groups of people got together and went out to a party, to eat or to a movie. Hanging out at the mall was fun. We had more chances and opportunities to meet other people.

Something a lot of singles face is people setting them up on blind dates. There is always that person that loves to see people matched up, they are called matchmakers. Then there are the parents that have a friend who have a child your age that try and get you to take out. These blind dates may be the sweetest and nicest people, but being pushed into a date isn’t for everyone. There have been some relationships build from matchmaking, but most of the time, one date is all there is.

With speed dating, you don’t even have to pick someone if you don’t find anyone that interest you. There is no one pressuring you to make a choice. You can go to as many of the events as it takes to find that special someone for you. You may get lucky and meet them at the first event, or it could take a couple. Or you may not hit it off with the person you were matched with at the first event and decide to try again. It’s a time to have fun, relax and meet other singles without pressure.

To find events, you can look in the classifieds or go online and search local speed dating events. Many churches and other organizations hold the speed dating events as fundraisers. There are also some places that offer them every week.

Try something new this week. If you are single with no special person in your life, go speed dating.

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