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Have you tried out speed dating yet? Do you have a success story to tell? There are many success stories out there as well as people who have been disappointed.

Most of the people that have been successful at finding a person that they are enjoying being with, or did for a time period, kept going back to the events until they succeeded.

If you didn’t find your soul mate or a person that you took a liking to and they liked you too, it is possible you gave up too soon.

God didn’t make the world in one day. He kept returning to perfect it and add more to it until he made what he had visioned. Everything worth doing takes time, even for God.

So now,  how about your experience in speed dating if you have tried. If I were single, younger and never been married, I think I would give it a try. That doesn’t mean age is a barrier. There are speed dating events set up for all the different age groups. You only need to make that first call to find out when they are having a type of event that fits your desires.

Only reason if anything happened in my relationship with my husband that I would choose not to go that direction is I have a large family to keep me busy. I think trying to find a special someone to spend my life with again that would even compare to my life I have had now for 37 years is impossible. It’s been a wonderful 37 years. We are looking forward to his impending retirement and a lot of enjoyable years to come.

Speed dating makes it easy to find someone to fill that void if you are searching for someone. If you are lonely, it would be a great way to get out and meet others your age, no matter what your age. It’s a great social event. You could go just to check it out and if not sure about really connecting with anyone, just don’t put anyone’s name on your card. The only people that get connected with each other are a result of both singles putting each others name on their cards. If only one person puts down a name and the other person doesn’t, nothing is said. Once you are comfortable with the speed dating and find yourself possibly interested in someone, then write down their name and cross your fingers that they also select you.

Don’t sit alone at home waiting for company that doesn’t seem to come by. If you don’t have an active life and would like to be doing more, then try speed dating. Check your local newspaper or even your library for sites offering speed dating in your area.

Have fun, it’s time to enjoy life.

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