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Find A Speed Dating Happening Near You

I always say that you can look in your local classifieds or online for a speed dating site happening near you, so I gave it a try. I wanted to know exactly what you would find if you put speed dating in a Google search. Here is what I found. First of all, there were … Continue reading

Are You Ready For Some Fun?

It’s Friday, the weekend is here again. It would be nice not to spend it working around the house doing the laundry, gardening and cleaning for once. Aren’t weekends suppose to be fun? No matter what your age. If you are single, there’s a life out there for you. It doesn’t matter if you have … Continue reading

Dating Online in a Speed Dating Event

Yes it’s true. You can actually meet local people online on a speed dating site. It’s a new and easy way to meet people. You can use a webcam and do a video chat so you can actually chat with a potential person you may find an interest in and want to date. Just introduce … Continue reading