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Will Speed Dating Help Me Find My Soul mate

Speed dating is designed to help people meet a variety of people that they have possibly never met before. It consist of small simple dates of about 8 minutes each. It can compare with going to a bar, sitting down across from someone that appears to be alone and having a conversation. Only speed dating … Continue reading

A Night Out Speed Dating

We always think of Friday or Saturday night as our big party night. A time to go out with friends, or a special someone in our life. Sometimes we can get a bit crazy. There are even times we regret things that may have happened. The next day, we may not answer the phone. In … Continue reading

Try the Latest Fad – Speed Dating

Are you looking forward to a busy weekend full of fun with your boyfriend or girlfriend? Or are you sitting alone calling up friends trying to find something to do. The phones answering machines seem to be the only thing answering your calls, or they pick up with their cell phones only to tell you … Continue reading