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Let’s Talk About Speed Dating Questions

What would be some good questions to ask a potential date at a speed dating event? I know I personally always want to know what a person does for a living. Not that it would make me not want to date them, but there are some it would. If the other person is a police … Continue reading

I Spent New Years Eve Alone

Wow, I must really be needy. It seems like almost everyone gets a date for New Years Eve. Not me. I sat home on Facebook chatting with a few others. They were mostly older people who always just stayed at home with their spouses to await the start of the new year. Here I was, … Continue reading

My First Speed Date. What Type of Questions Should I Ask

That is a great question. Speed dating isn’t a time to flirt with a prospective date, it’s a time to check each other out. A time to find out the real person not the flirty one. Speed dating leaves no time for flirting. Remember, you only have a few minutes before the next person moves … Continue reading