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Will Speed Dating Help Me Find My Soul mate

Speed dating is designed to help people meet a variety of people that they have possibly never met before. It consist of small simple dates of about 8 minutes each. It can compare with going to a bar, sitting down across from someone that appears to be alone and having a conversation. Only speed dating … Continue reading

Successful Speed Dating

Have you tried out speed dating yet? Do you have a success story to tell? There are many success stories out there as well as people who have been disappointed. Most of the people that have been successful at finding a person that they are enjoying being with, or did for a time period, kept … Continue reading

Have You Found Your Soul Mate

There are some interesting theories about our soul mates and how they came to be. Our soul mates are said to be a part of us. The person that makes us whole. It is thought to be already planned out before our birth who will be our soul mate. Then it’s up to us to … Continue reading