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Another Weekend Without A Date

Did you sit at home alone another weekend? No date or single friends to go out and enjoy the weekend with? That can be such a boring time. I know. I have in the past spent many nights home alone with my best friend, Roscoe. Roscoe is my West Highland Terrier. He is fun and … Continue reading

How I Met Charlie

I’d been dating Tom for a couple of years. I thought I had met the one. We moved in together, had our little West Highland Terrier dog that we both loved, and it felt like a family. I didn’t know that Tom wasn’t happy. When I think back, I really wasn’t happy either. So eventually, … Continue reading

My First Speed Date Experience

My friend Cathy called me and asked me what I was doing Friday night. Well, I was doing the usual. Coming home from a long day at the office and relaxing in front of the TV with a pizza and some pop. I would have Roscoe, my West Highland Terrier for company. She then asked … Continue reading