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The Growing Popularity of Speed Dating

Type in speed dating in your Google search. What do you get? I got a list of places somewhat close to me that were holding speed dating events. Some were online, but many were in the different states located close by. Then once I clicked on one, I got a whole group of sites looking for speed dating online.

Speed dating is just modern matchmaking. Only with speed dating, you do have a say in who it is you go out with. With matchmaking, a friend or a site sets you up with possibly a complete stranger. You then go out with them not really knowing anything about them at all.

The listings of singles looking for dates and events accepting registrations to attend their event is really overwhelming. Speed dating is being referred to as the new matching events. People meet a lot of other people who are interested in a date and it all starts. Some may make dates while others may not. It’s possible there will be no one that you feel a connection with, but many will. Many will go home with a number in their hand as to who they could possibly hook up with for a date.

If you choose to do speed dating, it gives you more control of who you may end up with a date with than some matchmaking sites. The only way speed dating matches you up with someone is if you both choose each others name. If only one of you chooses the other, then your information is not released to the other person. This makes speed dating safer and having the benefit of choosing yourself is great.

Having a chance to meet someone without worrying about how you are going to get away from them without making them feel bad is nice too. You chat with a potential date for about 6 minutes before they move on without you asking them to. Your date could last 8 minutes or however long the event set it up for.

During your short date time, if you are prepared, you can learn a lot more about a person than when you meet them elsewhere There is no time for flirting, it’s only business. If you spend time flirting with the other person, you lose valuable time and possibly lose a good date. They may feel you aren’t serious enough to work the program right.

Speed dating gives you time to meet lots of people, evaluate them by asking questions or replying to ones they ask, and then chose one or more for a date if you are interested.

Going to an event like this could be a dream come true. Imagine all the eligible people there just hoping for a date.

Just a note, speed daters are not losers. I know many people think they must be. They aren’t losers, in fact they may be very wealthy, sexy, and have a good status in life. In some cases they could be a very sought after date but don’t care for the type of people chasing them.

If you are single, lonely, tired of the typical dating scene, then maybe it’s time for you to try speed dating.

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