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Speed dating. What exactly does one expect when going to a speed dating event? Will you find a bunch of what many refer to as rejects. Or will there be people from all different walks of life? Who asks the questions? Will my personal information be passed around to all participants? Is this any different than just going to the bar and picking up a date?

First of all, the speed dating experience is a great one. Meeting a lot of other single’s who are free, was really very nice. The whole set up is so casual. Some people showed up in outfits dressed to kill while others just came in blue jeans and nice shirts. It was quite a different combination of singles. You want to be who you really are, not put on a show. Your show may just turn someone off that could have liked the real you. If you pretend you are something you aren’t, then they may not like the real you when it comes out later.

As far as rejects. You find what some people call rejects, but at the same time, are perfect matches for others. There is really no such thing as a reject.

Speed dating events consist of participants from all walks of life. You could even find doctors there. Doctors that are single are so busy with their practices that they have very little time for socializing. Doesn’t every girl dream of marrying a doctor?

You will definitely meet some people that you have no interest in, but aren’t you really only looking for one? There’s a good chance you could meet that one special person. If you don’t match up the first time, then try again at a later date.

Besides meeting a special person, you could make some good friendships at the speed dating events. If you attend a couple, you may start seeing some of the same people and the socializing begins. It can become a nice evening out with friends and a possible date.

It’s really difficult to go out and meet someone at places anymore. It’s become more and more dangerous too. As you grow older, if you are still without that special someone, your friends may have already found theirs. This leaves you going out alone.

Speed dating events are safe havens. No worries about being approached and asked out. All the inquiries about dating are done in a hush hush way. Names are written down and submitted to the event holders if you have someone you are interested in. If they have also shown an interest, your name and information will then be given to the other person, and theirs given to you. No embarrassing moments of hearing them try to back out of a situations after you ask them if they would like to go out. No, that’s the night I wash my hair, replies. Everyone knows that is a bad reply.

You can also be pretty sure the person is single that you pick out. When going out to other places, you never know for sure if they are single or the ring has just been removed.

If you are looking for a night out, are without a permanent date or someone in your life, then try speed dating. You may just fine that person you have been looking for.

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