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The Wedding

Donna met Tom two years ago at a speed dating event. They started off slow, a little unsure of things. After all, they had only met one time at the event and had been matched up. They had only talked to each other for 8 minutes. Donna was very skeptical about the whole date. She actually asked Tom to take her to a dog park the first times so she could feel safe walking her miniature poodle. Pierre wouldn’t have been much help if Tom would have tried anything, maybe barked.

While at the park, Donna told Tom that Pierre had a very sensitive stomach. If he ate anything but his regular dog food, he would bring it back up. Tom didn’t seem to really care about what Donna had told him. He fed Pierre part of his hamburger. After that, Pierre was more Tom friend than Donna’s. So much for protection.

Donna knew Tom liked dogs. It was one of her questions at the speed dating event. The night of speed dating seemed to drag after Donna had spoken to Tom. She really wanted to make a connection with him, but had to chat with 8 more guys before the night was over. She was so worried that Tom would not put her name down. He had answered every question she asked him with ease and honesty. When she was brought his information at the end of the night, she was elated.

Even though Donna and Tom had hit it off at the speed dating event, she was still a bit nervous on a real date. That is where Pierre came in. He at least let her loosen up a bit and gave her something to chat with Tom about.

Needless to say, Donna and Tom continued to have good times together. They gave their relationship 2 years to see if anything came up to make them decide to part ways. Nothing did. They just continued to grow more and more in love as each day passed.

As the first year was ending, Tom proposed to Donna. He didn’t want to wait until the second year ended to start planning on getting married. He told Donna that if she didn’t say yes, then he would propose on the way to the Justice of Peace when he asked her again at the end of two years. As you most likely guessed, Donna said yes. She didn’t want a wedding that was like a shot gun wedding. She wanted the cake, flowers, a beautiful white dress, Tom in a Tux and all the rest that comes with a wedding.

It’s now been 2 years. Donna and Tom picked a strange night to have a wedding. They had the wedding on a Monday evening. Exactly 2 years from the Saturday night they met, January 9th, 2010. The church was full and the wedding was beautiful. Donna looked stunning in her flowing white gown. Tom wore a white Tux as did the rest of the men in the wedding party. Even though it was cold outside, the inside of the church was filled with daisy’s, Donna’s favorite flower.

Speed dating does get people together that fall in love. Many times a date made at an event ends in marriage. Sounds like a perfect night out to me. I am still looking for my prince charming. Maybe this weekend, I’ll find him.

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