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What Are People Saying About Speed Dating?

The success stories are growing. You can look up testimonials of people who are telling others how they felt about their speed dating experience.

Did they feel awkward or like it was something they wouldn’t want to ever do again? Not from the sounds of it. It seems like many are returning to find another date or may have already found one that fit them perfectly.

There are many that are even using speed dating online sites.

There are cases of participants meeting, dating awhile, then becoming engaged. The wedding already in the plans. Now that appears to be a happy ending. There are many such success stories.

Many are giving lots of compliments about how the speed dating works. One remarks how he met a lot of nice women at one of the sessions. How great they were and how they are actually dating a few different people.  He’s not ready to settle into one relationship.

Some are telling their friends, who are telling their friends and the result is amazing. People are finding they don’t have to go to a bar to meet someone or be overly friendly at the super market trying to find out if someone is single or not.

These gatherings are being described as fun, delightful, entertaining, a nice way to spend the evening, enjoyable, and nicely organized.

There are of course, the ones that can be not very well organized. These can be a major disappointment to the attendees of the event. They need to be efficient, send out confirmation of registration either by snail mail or email. Many use email. They need to check over everything on all emails to make sure all the information is correct. The organizer has to be sure to get the right age groups together, what young man would want to be speed dating with a bunch of retired women? That would be a waste of time for most of the participants. Then they also need a bell to direct you when it’s time to move on. That keeps people from sitting with someone too long and others from waiting too long to get to chat. It’s a good idea to read up on the speed date site you plan on attending prior to registering. Then you can read testimonials of others who have already participated at them.

Are you looking for singles to chat with. Someone you already are sure is a single like you. Not someone pretending to be single by removing their wedding band prior to entering the bar. It’s a group dating process, safe and fun. You could spend an enjoyable night out meeting others in a safe environment and not be pressured by any of them. If you find someone you would like a date with, it’s all kept quiet. You let the event personnel know, then they take it from there. They approach the other person to see if there is a mutual interest, if there is, then they exchange information for the both of you. If not, then you are not embarrassed by openly being turned down by someone you were interested in.

If you are single and having a difficult time meeting other singles, this may be just the thing you would like to do.

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