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Who Goes Speed Dating?

I know the misconception of people who join online chats, go to dating services and attend speed dating events are mostly homely people that no one truly wants to date.

That is not true. As for the description, what is really wrong with that type of person anyway. Take them away from their usual environment, dress them up in different clothing and you would see quite a difference.

As I said, it’s a misconception. There are all types of people that attend these events or go to online dating services. Most of the people who sign up for this type of place simply have lost contact with the world as a whole due to work schedules or other factors. They don’t know how to connect with people looking to date. Where to go, what to say or do. They are lost in the dating world.

A great deal are professional people. They are so involved with their work that they have no time to date so making time for speed dating may just work right into their schedule.

Lawyers, constructions workers, teachers, housewives, or ministers, can all be found at speed dating events. These are serious people that really want to date and are single. What better place to find your next date.

Another great point is, you get to interview all your potential dates. Ask them questions. Find out things about them in a way that you would never ask a person you just met somewhere else. The people attending speed dating events know they will be asked sometimes personal questions. You can always choose not to answer.

Speed dating can mean an enjoyable night out with a group of people. Who says it all ends at the ring of the bell. Even if dates aren’t found, which we hope you do find someone, you may very well make some good friends. Someone to hang out with when you don’t have a date, or to go out with to find a date.

There is an unlimited amount of potential from attending a speed dating event.

Are you single? Not dating any special person? Why not try speed dating. You may find yourself having a great time and returning for more.

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