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Who’s Up For Speed Dating?

I saw a commercial the other day. This lady was sitting at a table chatting with a man. That man got up and left. Immediately another man sat down across from her. At first it looked like she was sitting at a table in a restaurant. I thought maybe her date had to go get their food or visit the men’s room. Then this stranger sits down across from her and starts talking. I thought, wow, her boyfriend or husband isn’t going to like that at all. As the chat went on, I found that she was at a speed dating event and he was her next prospect. The man wasn’t really wanting to chat with her to see if they would make a match, he was just promoting his dating service. The commercial was making fun of speed dating. It was a cute commercial. The next guy that came to sit across from her was a freaky wild looking guy. I laughed at it because I know that is not what you are going to find at a speed dating event. I won’t swear you won’t, but they were trying to make speed dating out to be a place where maybe undesirables come looking for a date. The lady was a very nice looking woman and seemed well educated. Their point wasn’t exactly made since here was a very nice educated woman looking for a date. That shows you will meet all types.

There is no certain type of person that attends a speed dating event other than a single person hoping to find someone they would like to date.

Don’t think only people that others have rejected attend speed dating events.

Who’s up for speed dating? Have you found enough information that you are ready to take your first step? Speed dating can be a really fun experience. I won’t promise you won’t find some people that you would not even look at in other places. Remember, we all have different likes and dislikes. The person you see as undesirable maybe very desirable to another person.

If you are ready, the first step is to find a speed dating event that is happening in your area or near your locality. It’s always nice to find dates that are somewhat near you instead an hour drive away. I think that would be a question I would ask at a speed dating event. Long distance relationships aren’t really fun. They can be difficult. If I thought I may like to date the person. You cannot ask their direct address but you can ask maybe the city they live in.

Speed dating can be a very entertaining to spend your evening. If you are struggling to find people to date, tired of finding out they are married after you have become interested, want to go to a safe environment to meet people, then speed dating may be just what you are looking for.

Don’t believe that commercial. Go find out for yourself. It’s time for you to have some fun.

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