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Who’s Up For Speed Dating?

Are you ready to find that date you been searching for. That one special person that maybe you could spend the rest of your life with? Have you tried speed dating yet? If not, why haven’t you?

Speed dating is proving to be the next best way to find a date other than going to a singles night only, or having a blind date.

Well, anything is typically better than a blind date. Just because two people think you may be perfect for each other doesn’t mean you will be. How many blind dates do you know of that have a second date?

Going to singles bars or some type of gathering doesn’t really mean everyone there is really a single. That is something that happens at those type of gatherings that is very frustrating. A married guy tags along with his single friends and misleads people into thinking he is single. The same can happen with women as well. It’s not just a guy thing.

A speed dating event is for singles only. If a married person showed up at one of those events, it would just be wrong. I cannot say it would never happen, but not nearly as much as it would at a bar, or other singles type gathering. A rule at a speed dating event is that people are single.

If you are having trouble meeting single men or women, a speed dating event may be just what you need. You can go there, meet about 10 people who are looking to date someone, chat with all of them individually, then choose someone to go out with it you like anyone. Now they have to like you too or nothing happens. If they don’t like you, you won’t be embarrassed by the person telling you no. They will never even know you put their name down on your card.

This is a safe way to find a date and maybe a life long partner.

Taking chances is a thrill we get out of life. Taking a chance of meeting someone new and starting up a relationship is exciting. This can happen if you go to a speed dating event.

Why be lonely? Take a chance and attend a speed dating event.

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