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Why Bother With Speed Dating

Why not? Going to just one speed dating event could help you find the person you have always been wanting to find. If you are like most people, your life is so busy you really have had no time to be social. Maybe you are starting to worry about being an old maid or a life long bachelor. With our hectic lifestyle of graduating high school, continuing onto college, then paying back the thousands of dollars you owe for going to college, there is simply no time for relaxing or dating. So how do you meet someone if you are always busy?

The years are passing and you may already feel that the possibility of meeting someone that hasn’t already been married or that doesn’t already have a family are slim. That is where this new type of casual dating comes in. If you seriously want to change your life and meet the person of your dreams, then it’s time to make some changes.

Speed dating is simply a way of meeting a lot of new people in a very short time. It’s not like the blind dates your friends set you up on. You get to sit down with your potential date for possibly 6 to 8 minutes. It all depends on the rules of the event. While chatting, you take in the appearance of the person and learn a little about their personality. It’s better than seeing a picture and trying to decide if you would like to go out with them. If you are the person who stays in the same seat the whole evening with potential dates switching and taking seats across from you, then you will be able to ask them questions from a prepared list. Ask them about things that are important to you. How they answer will tell you a lot about the person.

It is possible for you to meet 15 different people that you can choose from during the event. Before going to the event, you have to submit an questionnaire. It will ask you your age, how much schooling you have, what your religion is, your ethnicity and it may ask you what you are looking for in a mate such as age, ethnicity, etc.

It’s so much better than going to a bar or to a concert hoping to find a date. Everyone attending the event is looking for a possible date, future, and partner. Sometimes when you first meet someone, you can tell it would only be friendship and not a dating relationship. With 15 people to interview, you aren’t going to hit it off with everyone of them.

What is good about this is, at the end of the night, you let the people running the event know who you would like to contact again. If the person or people you picked also showed an interest in you, then numbers are exchanged. No more embarrassing moments of asking them to go out with you only to be let down.

So why not give it a try? What do you have to loose. Only an evening alone at home sitting down to watch an old movie with a bowl of popcorn. Give speed dating a try and maybe you will find that special someone.



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