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Will Speed Dating Help Me Find My Soul mate

Speed dating is designed to help people meet a variety of people that they have possibly never met before. It consist of small simple dates of about 8 minutes each. It can compare with going to a bar, sitting down across from someone that appears to be alone and having a conversation. Only speed dating is better.

Why do I say speed dating is better? When you meet someone at a bar, they may appear to be alone, but maybe only for the evening. If you are looking for a one night stand, that is fine, but if you are looking for your soul mate for life, not so good.

When someone registers to take part in a speed dating event, the chances of them being single are 99% out of 100. Why would someone who isn’t single sign up for a speed dating session? At a bar, they may only say they are single but could be married or just out for a fun evening at other peoples cost. By that I mean, you may feel you have begun a meaningful relationship, but they don’t really plan on ever making a connection again.

If you register for a speed dating session, you register for the type of relationship you are interested in. Going to a bar or other singles location, you never know what age group you will find there that particular night. It could end up being teen night. With speed dating, it’s just like a matchmaking site, they try to have other singles there to match what you are seeking.

A really nice thing about speed dating is everyone who attends knows they are being interviewed. When you meet someone at a bar or other location, they may not really be acceptable to questions like, what type of church do you belong to, do you want children, or have you been married before. They may feel you are prying into their private life a bit too fast and get scared off. At a speed dating session, they expect those questions and are prepared to give good honest answers.

You only have 8 minutes or what ever amount of time the event sets up for you to interview other participants. So you have to be prepared to not just sit there and chat about other things. If you are seriously looking for your soulmate, you need to be prepared with questions that will help you find that person.

Also, you need to be open to them asking you a few things too. Remember, they have to chose you as well as you chose them in order for the relationship to start.

As you go through the different people you interview, be sure to take notes. Maybe even take some index cards with you to make notes about the different interviews and what you like or don’t like. Then when you have finished interviewing everyone, look over your cards which will help remind you about what you found interesting about different people. If you find there is someone or a couple of people that you find really interesting, write their names down on your event card and turn it in the the event holders.

At the end of the event, the event personnel will gather up all the cards to check for matches of interest between two participants. If they find two people are interested in learning more about each other, then the event exchanges information with the two of them. Later the interested participants can connect and set up a date. Or, it is possible to even go out for coffee following the event.

This is so much better than taking a chance at the bar scene, and yes, it is possible to find your soulmate at a speed dating event.

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